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Happy Couple

A home care company with a purpose. 

Our mission is help everyone feel valued and cared for.

About Us

At Our Family Home Care, we are dedicated to providing compassionate, quality care to you and your loved ones.  We believe this starts with providing highly-trained caregivers who are committed to excellent service and the highest standards of ethics.  We do not believe caring for people and delivering excellent service is a “one size, fits all” program.  As an independently owned and operated business, we have the flexibility to adapt our services to provide the most outstanding care. 

Why Choose Us?



With over 25 years experience, we understand the complex needs in caring for you and your loved ones, and we are one of the few companies who can work with your long-term care insurance provider.  In addition, there is a licensed nurse on-staff and available 24/7 to consult with you.



It is our goal to return your calls within 15 minutes or less, and we have agency staff available 24/7, 365 to help you. We also use leading time and attendance monitoring software to insure safety and accuracy.



We offer you free consultations and assessments, one hour rates, and discounts for couples.  Additionally, we do NOT believe in charging you for levels of care.  So you can rest assured that if/when your care needs increase, your rate will stay the same.



Caregiver not working out for you?  No problem.  We honor your needs and will accommodate caregiver change requests.

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